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Two heads of the Crimean police were fired for breaching of oath
14.03.2014 | 11:15

They betrayed their homeland, the Ukrainian people and discredited the name of Ukrainian police officer. Both of them were fired from the office of the internal affairs of Ukraine.

The pivoting point of the oath of the police officer is to serve the people of Ukraine. Nonetheless, a number of the high-level officers of the police in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea betray their homeland, their people and their personnel.

In early March, disrupting the law of the Ukraine, the Parliament of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea appointed Sergiy Abisov, the Lieutenant Colonel of the police, as an acting head of the Central Office of the Internal Affairs of Crimea, self-proclaimed republic.  At the same time and manner, Alexander Poddubov, the Colonel of the police, was appointed as an acting head of the Municipal Office of the Internal Affairs of Sevastopol by the City Council.

While the whole Ukrainian nation is admiring the courage and heroism of ordinary policemen and army soldiers who sacrifice their lives to keep order both in the streets and in the office buildings throughout Crimea, some individuals are in pursuit of power as means to their personal gain. They are sulling the very sacred Oath they gave to their own people. They are unworthy to be called the Ukrainian police.

Both Sergiy Abisov and Alexander Poddubov were fired from the police for high-treason, breaching of the oath and discrediting the police officer rank.


Once again, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov, has previously appealed to both the personnel of the police of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. He also emphasized that no officer who faithful to the oath and the people of Ukraine shall be left without due attention.


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