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Police officer found a baby on the train station platform (PHOTO)
19.09.2013 | 16:39

Not far from the police point at Simferopol train station, police officer found a baby on a railway platform.


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It was surprising that there were no adults next to the baby. So, without wasting time, the officer brought the child to the police station. No one was looking for the kid and it became clear that it was abandoned. The baby was not crying but was barely breathing at that time and police officers immediately called an ambulance.


The doctors examined the baby and found that it was a baby girl of a month of age with an acute respiratory disease that needed urgent medical care.


At present the child is not longer in danger. She has been provided with all necessary medical care in Simferopol Republican Children's Hospital of Infectious Diseases.


The identity of her mother has been also established. Police found out that it was a 37 - year-old female resident of Simferopol district, who previously was under investigation on Part 2, Art.185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Now police initiated new criminal proceedings under Part 1, Art. 135 (leaving at risk) of the CC of Ukraine. If her guilt is proved, she will face a sentence of two years of imprisonment.


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