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In Rivne region law enforcement officers stoped illegal mining of "sunny stone" (PHOTO)
28.08.2013 | 16:50

Employees of the Department of the State Service on combating economic crimes (DSSCEC) of MIA of Ukraine exposed the criminal activities of the three criminal groups that organized illegal mining of amber.

Law enforcement officers raided the territory of Rivne region, where they found evidences of illegal mining of "sunny stone" (as has long been called amber).

"Amber diggers" used in their work various machineries. There have been seized 21 motor pumps, 11 units of transport, more than 2,000 meters of fire hoses, which were used for water supply. Often in that illegal business were involved almost all adult residents of the nearby village, what means hundreds of people.

This illegal business has several negative developments, - said the chief of the Department of DSSCEC Sergey Yakovenko. - First, the activity of the «miners» irreparably damages the environment, and secondly, all the profits from it go by the state treasury.

Now the police opened a number of criminal proceedings under Art.240 (violation of rules of protection and use of mineral resources) and under Art. 246 (illegal deforestation) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The cases are under investigation.

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