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Memory of their father lives in the actions of his children
21.08.2013 | 15:02

Inspector of traffic police in Khmelnytsky region Kharchuk Vadym was lost in December 10, 2005. His life was cut off by a drunk driver who purposely directed his speedy car on to the police officer who tried to stop the offender.

The attacker, who was a well known in the area private entrepreneurs, left fatherless 10-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter of Vadym and made a widow of his young wife Lyudmyla. The heroic police officer posthumously was awarded with one of the most honorable state awards - the Order "For Bravery".

Killer of policeman was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but that fact did not make easier the pain of losing a loved family man. They had such grand plans for the future.

At that heavy moment a heartbroken woman even could not think that it would take several years, and her children, that she was putting them on their feet with tears in the eyes, will not only become a reliable support in life, but also will want to go their father's path and continue his work.

While still a teenager, her son Mykola learned to understand the construction to be able to help the mother in completion of construction of their dream home. But when the time came to choose the future profession - firmly decided to follow the example of his father. This summer 17-year-old boy entered the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine at the Faculty of Public Safety.


The daughter of Vadym, 15-year-old Maryna, has also decided to make protection of law and order a matter of her life. This year she changed the school dress for lyceum student uniform, since she entered the legal Lyceum named after Yaroslav Kondratiev, which is part of the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Having seen the tears on the eyes of her mother, when she heard her decision, Maryna said to mam ,- "Just do not deny." And then Lyudmyla realized that the solution of her children is the highest expression of the love to their father.

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