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Donets'k police detained a distributor of PORNO VIDEOS over the Internet (PHOTOS)
31.07.2013 | 21:49

Monitoring the national segment of the Internet police officers of the Office for Combating cybercrime of MIA of Ukraine in Donetsk region found on one of the known sites an announcement of the sale of child pornography. Through a series of investigative and operational activities intruder was detained and informed of the suspicion of committing a crime.

- At one of the sites in the section “sales of video and audio products”, our employees have found advertisements of the sale of CDs with pornography created by involving children, for 100 UAH apiece, - says the head of Office Andriy Nebytov. We have conducted a computer search that allowed us to establish a person involved in the commitment of said offense. The intruder was a resident of Poltava region and he placed his announcement of the sale of pornography, created with the participation of children, not only in his own region but also in three other regions of Ukraine including Donetsk and Kyiv.

A young man, after wire transfer to his credit card of a certain amount that is usually made 100 UAH, provided customer with a password to access the archive of pornography or with a CD already recorded porno videos. The police have current information about several transactions on credit card of the suspect. According to Andriy Nebytov, police have to establish all persons who had contact with the suspect.

The suspect was detained by Donetsk police officers early in the morning near his home in Poltava. During sanctioned search in his dwelling police seized his computer and digital carriers with files containing signs of child pornography totalling about 5 gigabytes, and other data that confirm his criminal activities. All seized items were sent for computer and technical examination to qualify the crime.

Currently, suspect is charged with part 4, Art. 301 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - "importation, manufacture, sale, distribution of works, images or other items of a pornographic nature, that contain child pornography." This section provides penalties of 5 to 10 years in prison. It is possible that his actions will be reclassified to part 5 of the same article (actions committed repeatedly or by prior agreement of a group of people), and this provides penalties from 7 to 12 years imprisonment.

20-year-old guy says he did not know that his actions break the law and he wonted "simply" to make money. He lives with his mother and a 4-year-old sister, the income of the family is small and he could not find a job.

According to colonel of police Nebytov, investigators will do a great deal of work since one needs to get the answers to many questions: where the shooting was held - in this country or abroad, whether the suspect was involved in performing these shooting; it will be checked his way of life, the circle of friendly relations, with whom he communicated. It is necessary to identify the participants in all filming both children and adults who committed violence against them.

We fully understand that it is not "cartoons". Behind of each slide or video there is an abuse of young children aged 1 year and older. So we will put a maximum of efforts to establish the physical location of these materials and bring the perpetrators to justice. During the preliminary investigation, we will invite foreign counterparts to cooperate.


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