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Foreign nationals appreciate the work of Kharkiv Police (PHOTO)
29.07.2013 | 18:19

To determine the range of issues in law enforcement activities of concern to foreign natrionals in our country, the police conducted a survey of foreigners to learn their views about the work of Kharkiv police. For making it transparent and objective, the survey involved representatives of regional media.

Together with police officers journalists visited places of mass recreation of citizens, educational institutions, shopping centers, hostels, and traffic police posts, situated on the transit roads with a high traffic of vehicles.

Results of the questionnaire indicate that foreigners almost have no complaints about the work of Kharkiv police. The majority of foreigners have noted that in recent years they began increasingly visit Ukraine.

During the conversation they did not express any criticism regarding the work of police. Instead, the Russians and the natives of East and Southeast Asia, as well as people from the African continent have noted the proper culture of communication of police officers, their courtesy and professionalism. Foreign visitors assured interviewers that they feel safe in our country. Especially it was nice to hear from them the words of gratitude to the police officers for giving assistance to some of them at the time of difficult life situations.

The leadership of Kharkiv police will carry out a thorough analysis of the results of the given survey of foreign citizens in order to avoid in future of any violations of the rights and freedoms of foreign nationals by police and law enforcement agencies and to create a comfortable environment for foreigners to stay in the Kharkiv region.

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