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Foreign pilgrims are satisfied with the work of Ukrainian Police (PHOTO)
28.07.2013 | 18:15

Guests of Chernihiv region, who came from abroad to worship the relics of Prince Vladimir, feel support and friendly attitude to pilgrims by the police.

For the protection of public order during mass celebrations of the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Rus, police of Chernihiv region involved more than 100 officers of different departments and services. Law enforcement officers ensured public order during celebration events and peaceful stay for numerous pilgrims and tourists from abroad - both from neighboring Russia and Belarus, as well as from Romania and other foreign countries.

Foreign visitors admitted that during their stay in Ukraine they feel themselves comfortable and safe with friendly attitude to them by the police.

Thus, pilgrims from Romania noted that the traffic police officers not only thoroughly explained the route, but were always smiling and friendly that added a good mood and understanding that Ukraine gladly accept them.

Russian and Belarusian citizens were also satisfied with the attitude of Ukrainian police to them. They told us that they arrived to Chernihiv without any problems. Nobody stopped them on the road for no reason, instead they were asking traffic police officers the way with confidence that they will get help there. Pilgrims thanked the officers in Chernihiv region for hospitality and assured that they will gladly accept them in their homeland as guests.

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