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In Khmelnytsky police found a lost child
28.07.2013 | 18:11

Mother lost her six years old son in one of the popular regional shopping center. The police found the child few hours later in another district of the city.

A young woman came to Khmelnytsky from one of the towns of the region. While she was buying goods for the family, the boy got bored and asked permission to play on the playground, which was located in the store. When the mother came back to pick up her son he was not there, not on the trading floor or at the surrounding area. The guards of hypermarket immediately reported the disappearance of the child to the police.

Having received a detailed description of the child police involved all patrols in his search .Police officers searched playgrounds, parks, cafes and all the places that could cause a child's interest.

Only after few hours of search in a completely different neighborhood of the city, the young traveler was found by patrol officers - Dennis Liskov and Vladimir Karchevskyy. Police officers immediately notified the duty office that they found the boy.

As it turned out later, the little Denysko just decided to take this opportunity to stroll the city, but forgot to tell his mother about his decision. Full of emotions the mother sincerely thanked police officers who have found and returned her child.

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