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The project "Safe City" in daily work of Donetsk police is recognized as the best in the CIS (PHOTOS)
07.03.2013 | 13:08

During press conference at Donetsk City Council the head of the city police department Yurii Sednev presented results of the work of law enforcement bodies, which has been achieved thanks to the project "Safe city".


This project was developed by the transnational company «ITV/Axxon Soft». It became the best among similar projects in the CIS countries. Police of Donetsk was the first that widely practiced it. That was noted by the head of the representative office of the company in Ukraine Olexander Kurinnyi, who have presented Yurii Sednev a diploma for successful collaboration.


Donetsk police with the support of the local authorities represented by Donetsk Mayor Oleksandr Lukyanchenko is an actively developing law enforcement organization that uses completely new, modern methods in daily work. Thanks to assistance of the city authorities within the framework of the integrated crime prevention program "Law and order", the law enforcement bodies have managed to organize in Donetsk an innovative system of response to reports of citizens.


The project which was started in 2005 has implemented a new integrated technology system to optimize the performance of the police.

At the root of the project there were a Chief of Donetsk city Police of that time Viktor Dubovyk and a technical leader of the project "Safe city" Volodymyr Semibratskyi. For providing video surveillance and operational management of police patrols it was chosen an automated system "Safe City", which is used in international practice.

Result of the first phase of the work was 38 cameras installed near the City Council and the State Administration buildings. Information from the cameras came to the duty offices of the city and district police headquarters.


In early 2012, just on the eve of the football championship Euro-2012, the project "Safe city" has reached a key stage in its development: in Donetsk city was created a fundamentally new division - Rapid Response Center of police. It accumulated all the information coming from the cameras and from mobile patrols.

Creation of that Centre, technically equipped to the latest standards with necessary software that allowed to consolidate multiple subsystems of video surveillance, has led to impressive results.

Activities of foot patrols, traffic police and state security service were synchronized to achieve maximum mobility and performance efficiency of the groups. The time between the citizen’s report to the police and its arrival on the spot was reduced three times. And automated processing of information from citizens takes now only few seconds. That allows catching and detaining criminals on "hot pursuit".


Thanks to the video surveillance system in 2012 on "hot pursuit" it was revealed 200 crimes, 7 cases of illegal seizure of transport, found 45 drivers who fled the scene of accident, transferred information to the public services of the 26 cases of vandalism and disorder. In addition, the video surveillance system has helped many times to find children who were lost during the football games at the stadium "Donbas Arena".


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