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Police officers and teachers joined together for the kids' security (PHOTOS)
05.03.2013 | 14:15

A 5-year project "Juvenile Justice Reform" was launched in Ivano-Frankivsk. On this occasion there were held workshops where representatives of education and law enforcement agencies have developed an appropriate cooperation agreement. From now on each educational institution will have a designated school police officer.

Colleagues from Canada helped to implement the project. The project director said that the main goal of the system was to avoid getting minors involved in conflict with the law.

"The purpose of today's seminar was to find ways to prevent juvenile delinquency - says the director of the project in Ukraine Tanya Sanford Ammar. - We focused on law enforcement bodies because it is the department of criminal police for children designed to prevent juvenile offenses. And also we focused on the schools where teens spend most of their time. So we decided to combine these two structures to improve the prevention of juvenile crimes. "

During the workshop, to each Director of the school was presented a police officer who will be assigned to that educational institution. School police officers will not be always there because each of them will have 5 or 6 schools.


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