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Ternopil police freed a hostage
01.03.2013 | 17:23

Officers of the Department for combating organized crimes in Ternopil region detained three fiends who had abducted a 23-years old local resident and violently demanded him a big amount of money.

About abduction of the man reported to police his girlfriend, from whom attackers wanted to get 250 000 hryvnias and documents for their apartment.

Police officers quickly located the victim; he was kept in a closed warehouse placed on the garret of the building. Law enforcement officers released the hostage and detained his attackers.

As it turned out, a criminal group was organized by a 33 years old director of one local private company where, by the way, the victim worked. For committing that crime he has involved two more managers of his firm.

Threatening to kill the man, attackers demanded the woman by phone to pay them a ransom for debt, which supposedly the victim had to return them.

Proving their intention offenders did not give food and water and all the time applied to the victim strikes and threatened him to use a weapon. At night the man was locked in a room and threatening with murder they ordered him to not even try to escape.

Because the woman immediately asked for help of law enforcement officers the hostage spent in captivity only one day.

Police have seized from malefactors three cars, five mobile phones and a gun "PMR", designed to shoot rubber bullets, which they used for committing criminal acts.

Now the attackers are accused in commitment of an offense under part 2 of art. 146 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Sanction of that article provides for imprisonment of up to five years.


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