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Patrol police officers refused a bribe of 300 thousand hryvnias of stolen money and detained a malefactor
01.03.2013 | 17:20

In Lviv patrol officers have caught a man who robbed a private dwelling. The malefactor had with him a bag with a large sum of money (600 thousand hryvnias), a part of which he proposed to policemen as a bribe for releasing him.

Police officers refused the bribe, detained the attacker and brought him to the Police Station of Zaloznychnyi District.

That incident occurred on February 17, 2013. That day a 55 years old resident of the city, a self employed businessman, has addressed to the mentioned police station. The man reported that a day before, on February 16, unknown persons penetrated to his home through the second floor balcony and had stolen money and valuables totaling about 600 thousand hryvnias.

Near the scene of theft patrol police officers "in hot pursuit" found and detained a man who had with him valubels stolen in the home of the mentioned businessman.

Criminal proceedings of the case was opened under Part 5, Article 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (theft). The pre-trial investigation continues.


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