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Information of the British journalists is contrary to fact
19.06.2012 | 07:32

Recently some of the British media published an article about preparation of Ukrainian hooligans for clashes with English fans after the match «Ukraine - England» which will take place on June 19, 2012.

The author argues that activists of ultras movement  in Donetsk hanged out hundreds of stickers with an inscription "We are waiting for the Euro". Crowds of young people moving  «wall on a wall» are allegedly presented on them.

We declare that this information is contrary to fact. There are neither radical moods concerning arrival of foreigners nor stickers which were mentioned in that article. The situation is quiet and benevolent.

Surprises the fact that this information appeared after two Euro matches in Donetsk.They were visited by thousands of foreign guests, including – English. All of them could be convinced in kindliness and hospitality of Donetsk inhabitants, and also in absence of Ukrainian fans racist manifestations.

Law enforcement agencies of Donetsk region are ready to ensure law and  order in the city during the European football championship.

DPR MIA of Ukraine


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