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During a football match in Kharkiv the militia provided law and order (PHOTO)
18.06.2012 | 15:57

Metallist stadium was visited by more than 38 thousand of fans, in the city centre the match was watched by about 30 thousand of football fans. During this football festival the militia provided appropriate law and order on Euro-2012 objects.

In the central fan zone of Kharkov the football match was watched by about 30 thousand fans from different countries. Maintenance of the public order was provided by 300 employees of militia. Any offenses during carrying out the match and after it finishing were not fixed.

Maintenance of public order in the city that day was provided by 2, 5 thousand law enforcers.

City streets were patrolled by all possible means. From air the order was monitored by helicopter groups.

Public order protection near the stadium was provided by 500 employees of militia. Violations of public order during the match were excluded. Kharkiv’s militia did the utmost to maintain law and order during the match.


DPR MIA of Ukraine


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