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The fans didn't noticed a theft, but thieves have already been arrested
12.06.2012 | 14:30

On June 11th evening, militia arrested two thieves who robbed the Swedish and Ukrainian fans.

During the march to the "Olympic" NSC the Swedish fan lost his purse with money and documents, while the Ukrainian one, lost his rucksack at fan-zone with clothes and ticket to Ivano-Frankivsk. In both cases, thieves could easily do their job because there were crowds of people.

However the staff of capital`s criminal investigation militia "caught thieves red-handed ". Immediately return of stolen was not possible. The Swedish fan didn't want to leave a football match for documentary registration of incident. Militiamen left him a contact number to give back his property.

The Ukrainian football fan did not notice the theft and have been lost in the crowd while militia detained the attacker.


DPR MIA of Ukraine



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