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The level of confidence in the new patrol police is 85 per cent - head of MIA (VIDEO)
03.10.2015 | 16:50

After two months of work of patrol police in Kiev were dismissed 28 policemen, but only two were fired for corruption. The Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov reported it on October 3 during the launch of the patrol police project in Chernovtsy.

According to the results of sociological research the level of credibility of the old militia was 5 percent. After two months of work of the new patrol police in Kiev the results of opinion polls say that 85 percent of Kiev residents trust it.

Arsen Avakov noted that after two months of work only 28 persons were "tossed out" from 2000-strong Kiev patrol police.

"We expected an attrition rate of 10-20 per cent, but not so little" - said the head of MIA.

Arsen Avakov said that the two persons were fired "on suspicion or on the fact of improper actions with the money."  These violations were revealed by the internal monitoring service.

According to the Minister of Internal Affairs the new patrol services in Odessa, Lviv and Kharkiv demonstrate approximately the same level of performance.

"You will have the same results and even better" - said Arsen Avakov commenting on the start of recruitment of patrolmen in the city of Chernovtsy.

Press-service of MIA-Ukraine


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