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In Zhitomir started recruitment to a new patrol police (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
03.10.2015 | 00:18

Temporary office for reception application forms to a new patrol police started its work at 9 o'clock at the address: Zhitomyr, Sobornaya Square, 6 (premises of the regional Musical Theater).

Students formed the majority of crowd of people who wanted to join the ranks of the new patrol police and were waiting for the opening of reception office. Among prospective candidates were also current military servicemen and employees of law-enforcement bodies. Each of them talked about their desire to change the country.

"I doubted a bit whether to pretend to serve in the police, but at the end my relatives and friends helped to make a final decision and today we came together to submit applications.  We sincerely want the better future for our country" - said the resident of Zhitomir Andrew, the student of local higher education institution.

The capital's police officers participated in the opening of office for reception application forms to a new patrol service in Zhitomir.  They willingly shared their experience of training and then work in the Kiev  patrol police.

"All hopes, which brought me to the police, appeared to be quite justified.  Most importantly, I think that the barriers between ordinary people and the police officers are broken down. And it feels "- said the 24-year-old Andrew, a police patrolmen from the capital.

Reception office will work from October 2 to October 23, 2015, daily (except holidays) from 9:00 to 18:00.

In the competition to enter new patrol police can take part any citizen of Ukraine irrespective of gender, aged from 21 till 35 years, physically well developed, which has the category "B" driver's license, has no criminal records and is fluent in Ukrainian language.

You can learn more about competition conditions by calling to the multichannel "hot line" (0412) 40-77-77 or on the site mvs.gov.ua where it is also possible to register using the on-line application form.


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