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Ukrainian patrol police awarded for compliance with gender balance (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
23.09.2015 | 19:48

Women make about a third of staff of new police. This, according to experts, was a real breakthrough for the Ukrainian society.  The award for gender balance was handed over to law enforcers by the President of the International Women Rights Center "La Strada-Ukraine" Ekaterina Levchenko.


The award was launched by members of Information and Consultation Women's Centre and the International Women Rights Center "La Strada-Ukraine" six years ago. It is presented twice a year - in days of the spring and autumn equinox. The award for gender balance is handed to nominees as a sign of observance of the equal rights of men and women.

Women now make about 30% of staff of new police. Due to parity representation of women and men in patrol service this law-enforcement structure was awarded the budge "For a Practical Contribution to Realization of the Principle of the Equal Rights and Opportunities of Men and Women".

According to male police officers, work of women in patrol force deserves respect. 


"Right now I'm working with a girl partner and want to say that there is no difference between genders in our work.  There are situations when we are called by women, and it is much easier for woman to work and to talk to another woman.  There is quite a lot of advantages"- said inspector of patrol service Nikita Sakalsky.

According to the president of the International Women Rights Center "La Strada-Ukraine" Ekaterina Levchenko, experts from the two organizations that select nominees for the award for gender equality, this time chose patrol service.  Experts refer to the experience of other countries where women improve police work and do it no worse than men. 


"Thus today society positively rates work of the patrol police precisely because it has gender equality, gender parity and we want it to continue in the future" - said Ekateryna Levchenko.

Press-service of MIA-Ukraine


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