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In Chernigov police seized a package with the duplicates of seals of election commissions of the 205th election district (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
26.07.2015 | 00:50

The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Sergey Yarovoy at a briefing in the Chernigov Regional Police Department on July 25 in detail told about discovery of duplicates of the seals of precinct election commissions of the 205th election district.

According to Sergey Yarovoy, today a police office in the Chernigov region received operative information that in the commuter minibus Kiev-Chernigov, which comes to a stop near the Central Market of Chernigov, a package will be shipped with the seals of electoral commissions and some documents.

To check this information a team from the criminal investigation division in civilian clothes was sent to the bus stop. Policemen had to track the moment of package delivery and to identify the recipient and the expected future path of the package.

Also at the scene came a group of People's Deputies of Ukraine.

"We joined our efforts with the MPs and sent investigative team which recorded this offense" - said Sergey Yarovoy.

In the package was found and seized 130 silicone stamps similar to the seals of the precinct electoral commissions at the by-election to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the 205 election district in Chernigov.  These items were sent for examination to the Research Forensic Centre of the Chernigov Regional Police Department.

At once the criminal proceedings was opened under Article 358, Pt.1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (forgery of documents, seals or stamps), which provides for punishment of up to three years imprisonment.

Now the investigation continues.  In particular, investigators interrogate the bus driver in order to establish who, when and under what circumstances gave him a package for delivery to Chernigov and how he was instructed.

"If somebody knows something about the destination of this illegal cargo and about persons, who were to receive the package, be sure to contact me personally" - stressed Sergey Yarovoy.

To remind: by-election to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the 205th  election district in Chernigov will take place on July 26, 2015.

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