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Arsen Avakov's comment concerning events in Mukachevo on July 11, 2015. (VIDEO)
19.07.2015 | 01:04

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine during his working visit to Lviv on July 17 declared his position regarding events in Mukachevo on July 11. He emphasized that people with guns on the streets of peaceful cities are gangsters, that can not be tolerated.

“I want to state my very clear and precise position: it is despicable when behind the backs of the real patriots hide bandits and protectors of smuggling. It is despicable when people wear camouflage one thousand  and six hundred kilometers from the front-line and pose as "tough guys". I was a "tough guy" on the Maidan and we were on the front with many of those who now stand here in civil suits. We saw the true danger and dealt with this danger. 

Here you don't need to do it. And the saber-rattling is not necessary, and shooting at the police cars from the grenade launcher is not necessary. We shall always suppress such things regardless of the flag a person wraps around himself. Such armed person on the streets of peaceful cities is a bandit! 

Those who believe in other ideals do not like it?  I believe in the ideals too, I also respect Dmitry Yarosh and I know why I respect him. We have - God be thanked! - come a long way together. But I can't support those guys that dare to shoot at the head of other person in the middle of the little Mukachev. I don't know what happened to them, whether they "blew their roof" or whatever. Why they decided to take a grenade launcher and to shoot two police cars?

I do not understand how this is possible and how society can tolerate this.  It is an irreconcilable situation. And each one of us has to answer a question: on which side do I stand? We have to understand: it is not a question of respect or disrespect to any party, it is a question of values, of a world-view. 

We have volunteers in thirty two MIA special battalions and three more battalions of the National Guard of Ukraine. They are well known, legendary battalions – "Azov", "Donbass" and a battalion named after killed general Kulchitsky. Totally they number nearly six thousand people. All of them are anything but simple guys, they have their own convictions and they are much better patriots than those who stand in camouflage on the roads of Ukraine today. But they found an answer: they went to the front, where they met the challenges and they have won our trust.

Sorry, but who is telling me now that he is "a leader of the Right Sector" in the Transcarpathian region? A former police officer, who was kicked out of the law enforcement system for improper acts and for smuggling, a person who used hang-glider to smuggle cigarettes to Hungary? And this guy assumes the right to shoot from the grenade launcher and the machine gun in the peaceful town? I do not accept it because for me it is a person who "bought the franchise" and now hides beneath it.

And let his defenders shout and say anything they want. It's my job - to suppress such situation. And I'm sorry that the Transcarpathian police worked maybe not very effective and allowed such situation to develop. I'm sorry, but I'm not saying that they are wrong.  They had to stop this situation.

And secondly, I want to stress a very important thing:  any patriot understands clearly what is happening in the country and appraises the situation. I am a member of the coalition government. I can't say that I like everyone in this government. I am far from treating "with awe" all members of our coalition in Parliament. But all the time I weigh:  "Arsen, what will happen if you show your emotions and begin to give way to your feelings? Where the country will go then?"

We have to think constantly and to seek for compromises. If you have the brains to shoot in Mukachevo, then think - how it will go across the country?  What for are you doing this? To acquire a right to smuggle cigarettes across the border?

Therefore the Prime Minister arrived and dismissed all customs officers in this region. Therefore the President fired both the head of the regional secret service and the head of the frontier guards. We have  to close the system that feeds these bandits. It is impossible to make peace with bandits. And as to patriots - they have to decide among themselves, who is a real patriot and who is hiding behind the shield of a patriot. It is why I want you to hear me. It is very important”.

Press-service of MIA-Ukraine


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