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"We are here to improve the attitude of the citizens towards the police" (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
09.07.2015 | 23:38

For the young inspectors of the patrol police Alexandra Ponomar and Evgeny Marchenko this is not the first duty as patrolmen.

Today the patrol crew from the 9th company of the 2nd battalion of Kiev patrol police began its day shift.

During day-long duty in their sector of the Solomenskiy district of the capital patrolmen helped to control traffic and to register three road accidents. They also took complaints from citizens who became the victims of swindlers, losing a lot of money.

"When I learned about the recruitment to the patrol police, I decided to apply.  I came to the police to change for the better public view of the profession of policeman. I want to defend the Ukrainians, to protect their peace and to maintain order on the streets of the cities, "- said  Evgeny Marchenko, the inspector of patrol police from the 9th ​​Company of the 2nd battalion.


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