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Arsen Avakov has arrived with an urgent working visit to Nikolaev to eliminate violations of law in the work of local police (PHOTOS)
02.07.2015 | 09:55

Visit of the Minister of Internal Affairs was caused by information on systemic corruption in Nikolaev regional police. During the visit some important personnel decisions were made: two employees of traffic police were dismissed and the regional division of GAI (State Automobile Inspection) was completely disbanded. Arsen Avakov also announced that from July 27 will begin the competitive recruitment of personnel for a new Nikolaev patrol police.


On July 01, 2015, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine visited Nikolaev with urgent working visit. Together with the Minister arrived special police unit "Mirotvoretz" ("Peacemaker") from the Kiev region. Information on systemic corruption in the GAI division of the Nikolaev regional police became the reason of this visit.


In May of this year after inspection by the central office of MIA the leadership of GAI in the Nikolaev region was replaced. However, Arsen Avakov noted, it didn't stop bribery on roads of Nikolayevshchina. On June 29 public activists recorded on video extortion of bribes from drivers of cargo vehicles at GAI checkpoint of "Koblevo" and placed this video on the Internet. In relation to this case a special agency check was instituted.

On arrival to Nikolaev, the head of MIA dismissed two officers of traffic police (GAI), whose extortions were recorded on video by activists. Besides, the GAI division of the Nikolaev region was completely disbanded. More than 300 employees of this division are temporary suspended. They will be recertified, and then, if they pass certification successfully. will continue to serve in the police.


Protection of a law and order on roads of Nikolev region will be temporarily carried out by officers of MIA special police units "Mirotvoretz" (Kiev region) and "Nikolaev", and also several crews of the GAI special squad "Cobra". The decision to replace officers of GAI by personnel of special police units was made by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.


"Your task – to ensure law and order on the roads. Our people have to feel that extortion on the roads ended, and that there is a control on the roads, including control against diversions. And after that we shall start new patrol service" – stressed Arsen Avakov during instructing of staff of special police units.


According to Arsen Avakov, over time divisions of GAI on Ukrainian roads will be gradually replaced by a new patrol service. On July 4 new patrolmen will appear on the streets of Kiev, and in 3 months – on the streets of Kharkov, Odessa and Lviv.

Since July 27 competitive selection of candidates to new patrol service of Nikolaev will begin.  Arsen Avakov announced it during working visit to the Nikolaev region.

According to the Interior Minister, MIA is supposed to spend about three months for training of personnel of new patrol police. After that they have to take to the streets of the regional center.


"I declare the beginning since July 27 of competitive selection of candidates to new patrol service of Nikolaev. There will be a special work group in Nikolaev that will recruit a personnel for a new patrol police. In two weeks representatives of the Kiev patrol service will arrive to set the standards and to help you" – Arsen Avakov emphasized.

Press-service of MIA-Ukraine



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