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The head of MIA presented awards to the defenders of the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine (PHOTOS)
27.06.2015 | 21:36

On the occasion of celebration of the Constitution Day of Ukraine (June 28, 2015) the state awards were received by more than 50 officers of the law-enforcement bodies that defended the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine in the east of the country.

Presenting the awards, head of the MIA stressed that the Constitution is now a symbol and a basis of freedom of the Ukrainian people.

"Today we celebrate this national holiday in a difficult situation of war in which law-enforcement bodies appeared on the cutting edge" – Arsen Avakov emphasized.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine, Minister of Internal Affairs presented state awards to 21 police officers, including  fighters of the special police units "Svityaz", "Chernihiv" and "Kiev-2". Also awards were received by 29 fighters of various units of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Among the recipients of awards – local police inspectors, detectives and staff of special police units, as well as representatives of all military specialties from snipers and scouts to medical privates; there is even a range finder and a cook.

In addition, Arsen Avakov congratulated two employees of the MIA that were awarded the titles of Honored Actor of Ukraine and Honored Physician of Ukraine.

Speaking at the award ceremony, which took place on June 26, Arsen Avakov noted that not all awarded fighters of the MIA and the National Guard received their decorations today. Many people now are serving on the front line.  The Minister stressed that in three months staff of the MIA must change uniforms and it should be a transition not only to a new uniform of police, but also to a new quality of its work.

According to the head of MIA all existing special police units will be replaced by the KORD (Corps of Prompt Immediate Action), modeled after the American "SWAT".                                   Besides, reform of the MIA envisages introduction of more strict system of hierarchy of units of the National Guard of Ukraine with appropriate levels of their equipment and arms.

"And this reform has to rely on each of you. Everyone must do his/her little step. If I can rely on somebody in implementing this reform then first of all on you: on war heroes, on those who won respect not for their words, but for their deeds", – Arsen Avakov emphasized.

Press-service MIA-Ukraine


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