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The murder of O.Busina is detected - Arsen Avakov
18.06.2015 | 16:09

On April 16 about one o'clock in the afternoon two criminals shot the former chief editor of the "Segodnya" (Today) newspaper Oles Buzina. This morning suspects were detained.

This murder of the known journalist often openly dissenting with authorities received wide public attention.

Crime detection unit and the MIA investigation department for two months carried out an investigation into this murder. Direct evidence of participation in the crime of group of individuals, including the actual perpetrators of the murder, was established .

This morning two suspects were detained. Both are residents of Kiev at the age of 25 and 26 years old One of them had served earlier in the special police unit "Harpoon" of the Kiev Regional Police Department.

"No last merits or present merits can justify serious crime, especially murder. Our position on this is clear and understandable" – stressed Arsen Avakov.

Several more persons are suspected of participation in this crime.

"In relation to the murder of O.Buzina we just detained a third person. He is suspected of involvement in preparation this murder" - said the Head of MIA.

Now MIA is carrying out  investigative actions, including four searches .

"We found when, where and from whom these suspected persons purchased the car that they use to follow Busina. Just on this car criminals fled the scene of the murder. Later this car was found and material evidences were seized. The results of the forensic examinations provided direct evidence of involvement of these persons in committing the murder.

When I speak of DIRECT evidence I mean examination of DNA traces from clothes from crime scene, abandoned by criminals, examination of traces in the car, direct identification by witnesses, results of covert surveillance, which officers from MIA crime detection unit kept on the suspects in the crime" – said Arsen Avakov.

After carrying out all necessary overt and covert investigative actions, collecting all necessary direct evidence and proofs, early in the morning on June 18 suspected persons were detained.

Press-service of MIA-Ukraine


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