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Arsen Avakov: the fire on oil depot happened because of violation of the operational safety rules
16.06.2015 | 21:30

MIA is investigating the causes of the major fire at the big oil depot "BRSM-Nafta" in the village Kryachky near Kiev. Investigators believe that the fire began due to systematic violations of safety rules and rules of operation of oil depots. Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov announced this during a meeting of the State Commission on Technogenic and Ecological Safety and Emergencies.

In coordination with the Prosecutor General's Office the Ministry of Internal Affairs declared suspicion to two heads of oil depot: chief engineer and acting director of "BRSM-Nafta" oil depot.

The court chose a measure of restraint to the chief engineer in the form of house arrest (with wearing an electronic bracelet).  The acting director of the oil depot did not attend the hearing. In the case of repeated failure to appear in court he will be brought to court forcibly.

On June 8, 2015, the Main Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated criminal proceedings on violation of safety rules in explosive facilities that resulted in serious consequences (Article 273, Pt. 2 of the CCU; this article provides for imprisonment from two to ten years). A special investigative team was created. It includes experienced investigators and staff from operational units.

During the investigation of the causes of the fire four main versions are checked:

- Violation of safety rules at explosive plant concerning operation of equipment for pumping and mixing of fuel and lubricants, carrying out welding works, or the treatment of fire;

Non-compliance with technological process by the service personnel, unsatisfactory technical condition of the equipment of oil depot;

- A deliberate arson to discredit the group of companies "BRSM" and to  force its owners to transfer assets to competitors;

- A deliberate arson to conceal embezzlement of fuel by the "BRSM" company management and to receive insurance compensation.

It is already established that this oil depot functioned without the appropriate permits from the state control agencies required to enter the oil depot into operation, to carry out its activities of processing and marketing of petroleum products and to perform works with increased level of danger.

"Those who issued the permission for construction of oil depot near a military facility, including high-ranking military officials and local authorities represented by village council, regional council, regional administration will be made responsible. There are questions also to those state officials who, especially in the first years, exercised monitoring and control", – told Arsen Avakov.

Initial ignition of fuel at the oil depot in the village of Kryachko occurred during the illegal mixing of various oil products and additives. The management of oil depot, being afraid that the arrived firefighters and policemen will reveal their illegal operations, didn't report about the fire within the first one and a half hours. This delay enables fire to become such large-scale that during its suppression five people were lost. In total 12 people were injured. Firefighters consider this fire to be the biggest fire in Ukraine since 1960-s.

At this oil depot supposedly "high quality" gasoline and diesel fuel was produced from low-grade raw materials using different additives like benzene, methanol, etc., which often pose threat for life and human health. 

As a result, the state suffered loss of UAH 1.2 billion. The Main Investigative Department of MIA continues investigation concerning officials of BRSM group of companies according to Article 191, Pt.5 (Appropriation, embezzlement of property or seizure of it by abusing official position) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (CCU).

Besides, earlier the criminal proceedings was initiated upon death of people during the fire under Art. 275, Pt.2 (Violation of the rules concerning safe use of an industrial output or safe operation of buildings and constructions which entailed death of people or other heavy consequences) of the CCU.

"Investigation of all these criminal cases will be controlled by me personally", – declared Minister Avakov.



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