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The major fire at the big oil storage facility near Kiev is taken under control now (PHOTOS)
11.06.2015 | 10:41

Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov informed public that the major fire at the oil storage in the village of Kryachki is contained already. The fire doesn’t spread any more and there is no threat for another oil storage and military unit nearby. There is no necessity to evacuate residents of nearby villages.

Around 6 p.m. on June 8 enormous fire erupted at the big oil storage facility “BRSM-Neft” in the village of Kryachki (Vasilkivski district of Kiev region). This oil storage belongs to the group of companies “BRSM”.

Four of the fuel tanks caught fire first but firefighters could not stop the fire and in the morning on June 9 one fuel tank exploded. As a result nine fuel tanks were captured by fire. Near the site of the fire is located another and even bigger oil storage facility “KLO” and a military unit with warehouses of arms. There was a danger of fire spreading and authorities began to prepare to evacuate residents of nearby settlement, in particular from villages Kryachki and Kobtzy.

To extinguish fire rescuers and firefighters from Kiev and neighboring regions with necessary equipment were involved. Some 500 National Guardsmen and 1000 policemen are protecting public order and safety. Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces also are involved  in cordoning off the fire site.

Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov is constantly present at the fire site to evaluate situation and to coordinate activity of units of the National Guard and the SES (The State Emergency Service of Ukraine). Head of SES Nikolay Chechetkin is also there with firefighters. Special Emergency Commission was created by the order of the Prime-Minister A.Yatsenyuk to fight the fire.

To evening of June 9 firefighters extinguished fire around the burning fuel tanks. This minimized the danger of a second explosion. Also the danger of spreading fire to the nearby oil storage “KLO” and to the military warehouses was suppressed. To extinguish fire a special fire train was used with equipment for foamy attack to fire center.

Minister Avakov stressed that there is no more reason for panic and evacuation of population. Ecological monitoring of atmosphere showed absence of toxic substances.

To morning of June 10 the epicenter of the fire was contained and isolated  butburning out of the remains of fuel will continue for several hours. It was announced by Minister Avakov during briefing at fire site.

“At the morning session of the Emergency Commission we decided to use fire tanks. It will make work of rescuers easier and more safe” – said Arsen Avakov. (Fire tank– tracked fire vehicle which was constructed on the base of military tank in 2010 at the KharkivArmored Vehicles Repair Plant).

Head of SES Nikolay Chechetkin informed that six fuel tanks continue to burn. There is no reason for panic in connection with fire at the BRSM oil storage facility. “Three hundred SES staff   and 45 units of equipment including fire train are involved in the fight with fire. There is also a reserve of two hundred people and 21 units of equipment. As for now twelve persons were injured: six SES staff and six railroad workers. We have no communication with one more SES staff (from the crew of the fire train) and we consider him now missing person” – informed head of SES. According to the latest data four persons were lost during the fire.

“We are going now to fill in burning fuel tanks with frother to decrease intensity of burning and smoke emission. Possible result is not clear now because we do not know how much fuel did not burn yet. May be it will be successful and may be not and will only diminish a bit amount of flames” – noted Arsen Avakov.

Press-service of MIA-Ukraine


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