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During twenty four hours law-enforcement officers prevented two cases of hostage-taking (РНОТОS)
27.05.2015 | 13:00

In the first instance police officers were forced to render innocuous a malefactor who took hostages in the Kharkiv region.  In the second instance Kiev resident who was wanted by the police took his son as a hostage when police officers came to his place to detain him.            

On May 25, 2015, at 14.00 in Lyubotin (a town in Kharkiv region) a 48-year-old local resident opened fire from his carabine. He killed two people and one person was wounded. After this offense he drove in his car (VAZ-21099) to the village Korotych nearby where took three hostages at local gas station. As a result the state highway Kiev-Kharkiv was closed for traffic during several hours.

Police officers were forced to storm the gas station where hostages were kept. As a result of very professional special operation all hostages were released unharmed but kidnapper was killed during attack.

In the evening of the same day a 41-year-old Kiev resident barricaded himself in his flat when police officers came to detain him. He was wanted because in September 2014 he and three his accomplices, all armed, were detained by the police in one suburban holiday settlement near Kiev. Weapon, including grenade was seized from these malefactors.  During their arrest several police officers were injured.

After that criminal proceedings were opened against all detained persons under Articles of the Ukrainian Criminal Code which penalize illegal possession of weapons, hooliganism and causing damage to police officer. Court placed this guy under house arrest as restrain measure but he disappeared from his place of residence and was declared wanted.

On May 25 policemen found him and arrived to detain him in accordance with court ruling.     At this moment malefactor took his son as a hostage and threatened to use weapon and explosives if policemen will storm his flat.  Policemen began to negotiate with malefactor and after five-hour talks he first released his child and later surrendered to police.

Press-service of MIA-Ukraine


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