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MIA of Ukraine implemented almost all of the EU recommendations on visa facilitation (PHOTOS)
19.05.2015 | 23:42

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Mr.Tihran Avakian announced this during the briefing in the Cabinet of Ministers.


"We are going to continue to get the EU representatives involved in the process of reforming MIA in order to transform it in the modern agency serving Ukrainian population. To exchange experience with our neighboring European countries MIA proposed to invite policemen from Poland, Slovakia and Baltic countries to train Ukrainian patrolmen. We shall invite as many specialists as possible" - declared Deputy Minister of Internal affairs.

During more then half a year consultants from the EU mission in Ukraine collaborate with MIA. They participated in development of the Concept paper on immediate measures to reform Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

To remind, on October 22, 2014, the Ukrainian government approved the Concept and Strategy of reforming MIA. Besides, the government approved a draft law which provides for possibility of dismantling such units of MIA as: GUBOP (Main Department on Combating Organized Crimes), transport and veterinary police.

Over period of last ten months representatives of MIA held some 380 meetings with their foreign colleagues and consultants. MIA collaborates permanently with law-enforcement agencies of USA, Canada, Israel and EU member states.


During the briefing Mr.Tihran Avakian also presented new Ukrainian foreign biometric passports.


"These biometric passports satisfy all modern requirements of EU member states. We have already printed and registered three hundred thousand forms of such biometric passports. It means that many people have already received or will receive soon foreign passports of new type" said Deputy Minister of Internal affairs.

Press-service of MIA-Ukraine


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