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Changes in MIA is a first project which will show Ukrainian people that Government is serving their interests - Eka Zguladze
16.05.2015 | 17:31

First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Ms. Eka Zguladze gave an interview to the national TV. She said that the package of draft bills aimed at reforming Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) was submitted to the VERKHOVNA RADA (Ukrainian parliament). These bills contain a number of novations which will reduce bureaucratic procedures and make them more clear for population and will also permit to effectively control work of police patrolmen.

First deputy head of MIA Ms. Eka Zguladze stressed importance of changes which take place now in the MIA in relation to creation of new patrol service. It is a first project which will demonstrate to Ukrainian people that government acts in their interests. Package of draft bills which were submitted to parliament contains novices which aimed to make bureaucratic procedures more simple and more clear for citizens.

One of such novices is system "electronic police report"  Now policeman needs 30-40 minutes to draw up an administrative report. New system will reduce this time to 7-8 minutes. Besides, this system enables us to control efficiently functioning of patrol details. Each entry to this system will be recorded and the result can be tracked down.

Ms.Eka Zguladze also noted that draft bills submitted to Parliament provide for a new unique Ukrainian approach to procedure of payment of fines.  Firstly, we chose a minimal amount of fine. Secondly, we deleted a "fork" - possibility to choose between minimal and maximal amount of fine.  This must minimize opportunity for corruption. Thirdly, we changed approach to payment of fine:  you can save half of amount of fine by paying it during the first three days.

"We want to make this process less painful in order to make adaptation easier for our population:  if police will change then civil society will change too" – stressed first Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs of Ukraine.

Press-service of MIA-Ukraine


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