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Soldiers of KYIV-1 battalion detained 7 separatists in Sloviansk
18.08.2014 | 09:58

The soldiers of the special battalion found and confiscated a map with marked positions of Ukrainian troops from the men detained.

During the maintenance of public order in Sloviansk, the soldiers of the special unit took 7 terrorists and detained them. The separatistswere confiscatedby the boysof the battalion a map with clearly markedcheckpoints of Ukrainian law enforcers, the location of military equipment and so on.

Meanwhile, the soldiers of Kyiv-1 battalion detained an arms dealer in Sloviansk. Suspecting the man in arms sales, theboysof the special unithad made a test purchase of handguns, during which the dealer wascaught red-handed.

Kyiv-1 battalion continues to serve in the city liberated from separatist. After rotation some soldiers left for the capital, where they wouldmaintain law and order on the streets of Kyiv. They were replaced with another group of special forces.


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