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The MIA of Ukraine presented The Draft of the concept of reforming the law enforcement agency
20.05.2014 | 09:55

The working group, consisting of leading experts of bodies of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and representatives of the State Border Service, the State Migration Service, the Administration of Civil Service Emergencies and the National Guard of Ukraine have discussed the draft of the Concept of reforming the law enforcement agency.

The agenda included the issue of study of the draft of the Concept of reforming the law enforcement bodies of Ukraine, offered by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and study of the mechanism of interaction with the Advisory committee on human rights on the system of internal affairs and reforming the agency. Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Mykhailo Verbenskyi informed participants of the meeting about the main provisions of the draft of the concept and ways of its implementation.

- The draft of the concept of reforming of internal affairs, offered by the working group, suggests that its ultimate purpose is gradual transformation of the MIA of Ukraine in the law enforcement agency of the European standard, – said Mykhailo Verbenskyi. – Versatility, demilitarization and effective decentralization of management should be the main features of the updated Ministry. In addition to law enforcement its functions must obtain a social-service content.

During the meeting, the participants discussed the issue of reforming and have approved the draft of the concept.

They also have decided to make necessary changes to the project, and then turn to the relevant government authorities with an offer for its further adoption.


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