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Chief of police of Zaporizhzhia region urged residents of the region to act within the law
19.05.2014 | 10:53

Head of the Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Zaporizhzhia region Viktor Olkhovskyi urged citizens not to show their initiatives, no matter how noble the goal is, if these actions are not legal.

According to him, 15 May there was averted an attempt of entrance of armed men into the town of Enerhodar who introduced themselves as members of one of the NGOs. Their weapons they possessed illegally was seized. In this incident criminal proceedings has been opened on the grounds of Part 1 of Art. 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

In addition, in the region there were a few cases of beating agitators and property damage of campaign offices by people who were covered with patriotic slogans.

The head of law enforcement agencies of the region said that every resident of Zaporizhzhia region has the opportunity to implement his/her political preferences at election ward on 25 May.

I kindly ask all citizens in this difficult time to strictly adhere to current legislation. All patriotic residents of Zaporizhzhia region who are willing to participate in law enforcement personally can contact local police departments to work together and exclusively within the law,- sail Viktor Olhovskyi.

- Any offenses, regardless of the political preferences of persons who commit them and their goal, will be closed tightly and receive appropriate assessment under the current legislation, - he warned.


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