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Donetsk police detained the most aggressive participants in the conflict
29.04.2014 | 10:26

Yesterday, 28 April 2014, there was a clash between the participants of the meeting "For United Ukraine" and pro-Russian demonstrators. There are victims. Police officers arrested eight aggressive participants in the conflict.

In Donetsk near the RSC Olimpiyskiy at 06.00 pm the meeting "For United Ukraine" began, which was attended by about 1,000 people. After the meeting, the participants went towards the shopping centre "Donetsk-City." At the intersection of Artema Str. Panfilova Str. they were attacked by pro-Russian activists who came from the Donetsk Regional State Administration.

During the clash there were injured 14 people, 4 of them were hospitalized.

Deputy Head of Donetsk City Administration of Militia Mykola Kriuchenko also received minor injuries. The police officer grabbed an improvised explosive device thrown to the column and threw away that no one was injured.

Thanks for the right actions of police officers (but not as some Internet-media show it), they managed to avoid more serious consequences of the collision of people with different views.

Currently police officers arrested eight aggressive participants in the conflict. There is an issue regarding the legal qualification of their actions.


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