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Interior Minister made a decision to implement structural innovations in the Ministry according to the modern challenges
14.04.2014 | 19:13

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs decided to establish a corps of special forces as the bodies of the MIA aimed to fight criminal groups posing as civilians throughout the country in the context of externally inspired separatist and terrorist attacks, creating gangs financed from outside  of the country, who is the threat of internal law and order.

Donetsk will receive its special unit created from patriots of Donbas and the idea of united country. Luhansk will receive the same special unit created from patriots from Luhansk as well as Dnipropetrivsk, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Kherson and Kharkiv.  As a result, every region of the country will have the opportunity to create such a special unit for stabilizing situation. Firs of all, the special units will be created at the eastern and the southern parts of the country, then in the west and the center of the country.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is ready to recruit more than 12,000 people throughout the country to the new special forces providing them with weapons, uniform, and personnel management officers.

«I have already signed the first order on establishing the Special Force “East" in Luhansk region. Creation of the special units will occur in a very short time, without delays and formalities according to nowadays challenges, "- the Minister stressed.

The contacts and addresses of regional recruitment offices for mentioned purposes will be posted in shortly on the MIA’s website.

«The new structure of special units of the Interior Ministry –is the answer to saboteurs, "green men" and other gangs who has the task of attacking the integrity and statehood of Ukraine", - Arsen Avakov voiced.


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