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Law enforcement officers vehemently guarded law and order at frontiers
09.04.2014 | 11:36

Now a joint patrolling of almost 130 checkpoints is conducted by law enforcement officers and border guards. More than 300 law enforcement officers are daily engaged in the affair.

On April, 7 joint watch on 126 established checkpoints is conducted both by the territorial divisions of Internal Affairs and the State Border Guard of Ukraine at the state border with the Russian Federation.

80 checkpoints are stationary and 46 ones are mobile. There are 71 checkpoints on the border with the Russian Federation, 34 checkpoints are with the Republic of Transnistria and 21 checkpoints are with the Republic of Belarus.

In addition, from March 13, 2014 the inferior units of the Department of Public Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Vinnitsa, Odessa and Chernivtsi regions participate in on ground trainings - “Rubizh” - at the Transnistrian part of the Moldova state border.

More than 300 policemen are daily involved in conducting the joint watch.

270 public activists take part in maintaining of law and order on the established checkpoints, including 149 activists - at the Russian Federation frontier, 118 ones are at the border with the Republic of Transnistria.

The total length of the state border is 3,196 km, including 1974 km - with the Russian Federation, 452 km - with the Republic of Transnistria, and 770 km - with Moldova.



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