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The Ministry of Internal Affairs answers the phone (photo)
08.04.2014 | 11:16

Anatoliy Syrenko, the Head of the Department of the State Auto Inspection of Ukraine answered the citizen phone calls in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The head of the State Auto Inspection had time to communicate with a lot of callers, and each of them bothered with own painful questions.


People worried about a variety of topics, most of them are associated with improper responses of local officials on their appeals. The callers tried to figure out all information they could not receive in their region. Citizens asked about the violation of property rights, unfair dismissal, law quality investigation of criminal cases etc.

Anatoliy Sirenko gave a reasoned answer to every caller, assuring that the examination of an application or petition will be under the control of the leadership of the MIA. Questions beyond the Ministry’s of Internal Affairs competence will be sent to the relevant ministries or departments, local authorities.

In addition, the appropriate official errands will be prepared concerning every request to restore of citizenship rights after the careful checking.



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