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The head of the Ministry of Internal affairs: Detained the organizer and one of the assassins of the inspectors of the Traffic Police near Kyiv (photo)
21.03.2014 | 09:45

One of the suspects is a 25-year-old resident of Kyiv, the informal leader of the “White hammer” movement and the other one is his 22-year-old accomplice, the resident of Sumy region who are suspected in committing of the murder of the police officers. – the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov communicated at today’s briefing.

Arsen Avakov also noticed that law enforcement officials take necessary actions to find the third accomplice of this cruel murder.

«The investigators have other information at their disposal that these persons are involved in a number of other felonies, including but not limited to murders irrelevant to the three months peaceful protests in the capital», - he said.

The minister also focused attention on information that the investigation is almost finished and the criminals are to suffer from the severe punishment according to the law.

On 2nd of March, this year at 2 a.m., mentioned Traffic Police personnel on duty were killed cruelly at the stationary post on Brovary avenue near Kyiv, they together with the fighters from Self-defense of Maidan were to serve and protect citizens.

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